Smartphone apps for best black Friday deals

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black friday apps

Seeking to save few bucks while you shop for gift, According to me don’t go to the mall without use these smartphone apps.

In the present time there are lot’s of mobile applications available that can make your deals so special by giving best offer prices. These apps can let’s you to find out better prices and some enable to search for coupons while other tell you whether you are best off buying online instead. I use more than 2 dozens  of samrtphone apps while searching gifts and create some list and hope these apps can makes your deals so special without time consuming.

Flipkart smartphone app

Flipkart is one of the most surfing eCommerce website has already launched its Android version and now able to support also iOS to target a huge users base. This eCommerce smartphone app let user to browse and purchase from the online shopping website product catalog from its iOS and Android powered devices. Using this application users easily navigate through flipkart different product department including fashion, electronics & accessories, books & entertainment, beauty, personal care and toys section. User easily use these department for making their best deals through the slide menu located on the right hand side. Using flipkart iPhone app user also able to search products, famous brands through text based keywords. Unlike the flip kart Android based app doesn’t feature bar codes and voice based search.

Amazon smartphone app

Amazon the leading giant in e-commerce industry launch of its mobile shopping app for iPhone and iPad users in India. The Amazon app lets customer to simple, fast & more secure way to search their product and makes purchase more quickly and easily anywhere from its section over millions of product. This app is already launch for Android powered devices in October and app follow the same features for as available in Android. Users can use this app for simple shopping as they can do before its computer, customers can easily view their products and reviews also add to wish lists & cart and complete the purchase process by using payment options and track their status of order.

RetailMeNot smartphone app

RetailMeNot is available for Android and iPhone users, this app is enable users to search discount coupons from their favorite websites. Using these discount coupons user can save 10% to 20% or even more on a single item from their entire shopping. The main functionality of this app is the it using your smartphone location information to narrow the deals to the once near you. This app can give an easy way to search for specific store, or you can easily scroll through the list of hot deals on your home page. Using this app users can also add the list of their favorite stores to a list who can deals more quickly.

Cartwheel by target

Cartwheel is also available for iPhone and Android users, and now easy to use for coupons and for everything from electronics to toy to entertainment. This app is enable to users to find coupons by category as well as their collections such as item to help ease a cold or holiday decorations. Once you select the coupon you want to use then tap the add button. Then present it in front to the cashier with a single bar code that has collected all coupons you selected. These coupons don’t work online only working enable inside targeted store. These coupons can increase your saving’s a lot.


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