Can orange script help Android app development?

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orange scriptAndroid is an operating system based on Linux,primarily designed for touch screen devices like smartphones and touch pad. The additional advantage for developers to use Android platform  that it is having a huge developers community for writing apps. It extends the functionality of Android powered devices that commonly written in the java programming language. According to the recent survey held on developers report says that Android is one of the most popular platform and now more than 70 percent developers are using it for mobile app development .

At that time developers use different scripting languages to give a fruitful applications for the users. In this way orange script is a java script like language that could soon available for Android programmers. According to the discoverer of “orange script” Stone Zhong, this language is supportable for developers with java script,c and c++ programming language. He says that if developers have some knowledge of java script then there is no need to learn more about orange script. Stong Zhong is a senior developer at technology business management vendor Apptio also give an acknowledgement this is not first language that build in JVM(java virtual machine). The advantages of orange script is that “it sorts of like Groovy but Groovy is too big according to inventor you cannot use Groovy for writing Android applications”. Groovy is an object oriented programming language for java platform & used for scripting language which is dynamically compiled to JVM( java virtual machine) with other java codes and libraries.

About a week ago orange script is available in preview format, call for the addition of Android app development support. The programs which are developed using by orange script would run on Dalvik virtual machine based in Android platform. Developers can take a advantage with using orange script JVM based language for better functionality as like various API’s and XML parsing. Developers can use orange script language for dynamic typing, object oriented programming, and functional programming . Orange script feature closure support enable developers easy to write anonymous functions and other programming task. Developers also use this script with  such framework as spring MVC and struts.

The inventor of orange script is also plans that this script is available in an open source format. In the present time many developers take a advantage of java programming , scala language is another JVM language option also has been applied to Android development. Orange script is a personal project of Stong Zhong any one can access this scripting language from Zong’s website


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