How mobile app development will impact health insurance?

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mobile apps in health care

Is there any app for that? Becomes more trending topic among all industry verticals and healthcare industry is one of them. Smartphone’s become more common place and customer spend their more time and more comfortable for many task. Surprisingly, health insurers are also looking to mobile apps to improve the way of communication with their members.  According to me mobile platforms present a real opportunity to connect the people whether they are from any industry.

Impact in health insurers

We already seeing especially the emergence of mobile app development Atlanta in different industry verticals and health industry are one of them. One of the main advantages of having a mobile app in health industry is that it provides a great opportunity to connecting with health insures members. It’s truly a new channel.

As per research in United States more than 40 percent people use their Smartphone’s to find something and that number expected to double in next upcoming years. These Smartphone’s work as a mini computer that will be available in the customers pockets. According to me understanding the health insurance is a little bit difficult and their policy may be the complex. Mobile apps help people to empower to better understand their health policy with the click of single button.

How can members use mobile applications?

A mobile app should make it easy to search for healthcare providers and insurers. Also insurers will provide the real time updates on claim status, tools to help members better understand the cost, quality of care, customized health tips for each individual and many type of health tools and trackers. The opportunity of mobile apps in healthcare industry are endless we are just scratching the surface.

How do you see these apps are evolving?

Initially they will be used for the basics. Members can be introduced to using the devices to access their personal health, record, view claims, locate network providers and pharmacies using the device’s internal global positioning system, and to access a virtual identification card. Once the use of mobile technology is accepted and the members are able to let us know how they want to use it and how it can best fit to their needs. For example now the mobile apps can directly read the glucose level and send the readings to the physician. It’s possible that members might see a value in spending a few minutes while they are, for instance, waiting for a bus, to answer health questions that can be used to earn health incentive points or some other financial incentive from their insurer.

Future of mobile apps in this area

There is no question that adaptation of mobile technology, mobile devices and mobile apps are creating fundamentally number of opportunity to engage with the membership. The plans that innovate and win in the space will borrow the best idea from other industries and engage members in the way that websites never could.


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