why big brands use cross platform technology for mobile apps

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Cross platform application development offers write code once and deply the same code on multiple platforms. This technology is easy to use and app developers can monetize better with the help of tools that favour of cross platform design and development. In the present time smartphone companies are releasing several mobile phones in regular basis, due to this, app developers have to face many problems. Operating systems, screen size, resolutions are some of the most important points that can vary according to devices. Cross platform technology is a good idea for developing mobile apps that can be easily run on multiple platforms. This framework totally obstacles the developers problem what they are facing in mobile application development.Now many mobile technology provier provide tools with the aim of reducing application development cost and boosting the developers revenue. Here we are going to discuss about why big brands using cross platform technology.


microsoftMicrosoft is a leading technology provider provide various development tools. By the use of cross platform technology Microsoft will delivers a unique and rich user experience. If we take an example of Microsoft silver light which is a cross browser, you can create sliver light applications that run outside the browser on desktop. Developers can easily get knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to develop mobile application on the windows phone 7 platform using Microsoft silver light.



Google the leading search engine giant are also using cross platform technologies to give a huge competition for their competitors. If we take an example of chat messenger app then whats apps ruling all over the world. In this way previous year search engine giant including the announcement of new cross platform messaging service called hangouts. This service is integrating with fresh look Google+, the new application for iPhone and Android works smoothly with the web version of messaging apps.



Intel exec also pushes cross platform mobile app development technology with the aim of reducing app development cost and boosting the revenue of developers. If we talk about few years ago Intel offers a programming tools for developers to write applications for latest PC, tablet mobile and server processor. But with the regular activations of mobile device including all major mobile platforms Intel also need to offer cross platform mobile app development tools to give a huge competition.


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