How to improve customer experience in retail mobile app?

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retail1In this highly connected world retail mobile apps is the best way to enhance your customer’s experience. It enables retailer to deliver highly personalized and improved in shopping experience to your esteemed customers. A growing number of retail customers have already begun using such type of apps in store to redeem their coupon, price comparison, earn loyalty points, view product ratings, reviews and many more. As per the survey many people loves to use retail mobile apps while shopping in a physical store by the above reason.

If we talk in Atlanta from US then retailers from there hire mobile app development companies to build their own mobile apps to derive more in app store sales. This also helps to improve customers shopping experience.

Retail mobile app success story in Atlanta

The home depot is a big retailer in Atlanta, for instance using its mobile app in a way to take a closer interaction between their customers. This app enables you to browse and shop from over a number of products, with the help of mobile apps you can do product comparison, check customers review and ratings search for product by image and make shopping list before buying the product. The new feature of this app also enables you to see exactly where your products are located and how many are left. From planning and purchase to pick up or delivery you can do everything whatever you want.

Nordstorm is another retailer who is using their mobile app for better interaction with their customers. It also enables customers to check things like product availability, colors, size and many more before they arrive to the store. This app also having millions of followers in their social media profiles like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

What you need to do in app development

The key point is to delivering such mobile apps lies between customer’s behavior and their user friendly nature. Your app success depends on understanding the nature of your customers, target user base and how web savvy they are. You need to gathering and analyzing data on what your customer do on your website, where they go, what engages them and what encourage them to stay on your website. Apart from this you need to analyze the average spending time in your mobile website which shows how customers are friendly with your brands.

Social media channels and customers loyalty programs are the key factors which are enough to inform you to what your customers are buying, which product they are interesting more, which promotions and messages work and how much they are addicted in social media trends. Such information can provides a virtual clues that are necessary to design and development of mobile app.

Gathering information on devices users are using to access your mobile website can help you to know for which technology you need to optimize your mobile app. If you want to know your retail mobile app can enhance your customer experience then you need to track the every activity of your customers and need to listen carefully what they are saying and doing while they are in your store through social media or website.

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