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How mobile apps can enhance user engagements

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mobile apps

In the present time lot of people leaving their desktop behind and using more tablets & smartphones. Suppose you have create an apps that getting millions of download in a month. Success right? Its not necessary your app getting right success. In fact according to me downloads no longer measure of your app success. The truth is that most people stop using your app after about a month. Mobile app expert says that customers loyalty about your brands is the most important factor for app success. Every mobile (iPhone) application development services in India need to design your app that keep your user coming back.

In fact many brands that are succeeding on mobile apps takes various advantages of mobile apps functions such as social media,interactivity, real time, location and features to give user a better experience. For example recently Starbucks the leading coffee chain added some features to the app based on customer’s idea such as digital tapping, shake to pay and other features. Digital tipping is a customer’s request by using this feature Starbucks customers will be able to tip in 50 cent, $1 and $2.Based on expert mobile app developers experience here we are going to discuss about few tips which give excellent boost to your app engagement.

Use push notifications to spur engagement

Push notifications with your mobile apps is the best way to make more loyal customers. These notifications are directly sent to customers device from mobile apps to keep the dialog going on between brands and customers. The main purpose of these notifications was to inform the app user that app had been updated or added a new content. According to me these notifications are the best way to engage more customers and get brand loyalty. With these notifications you do not need to contact users every day. In fact, your usage of push should align specifically with the purpose of your app and your usage should depend on user preferences for how and how often they receive notifications. Some example of push notifications.

If we take an example of dictionary app which is one of the most successful app, sends out push notification to the user with words of the day. User operate this app to get the word of the day through push notifications.

Another example of new apps, publisher will make an editorial call for the right amount of push notifications so user get a breaking news on their mobile.

Develop your app to keep in mind with better user experience

User friendly mobile applications are the best way to get more customers. When you build a business case for mobile then you need to know how your user will interact with your brand on mobile before you start to design. Will your customer use your app for quick information such as finding a restaurant or local retail outlet etc. These answer will inform you how you design your app before you start to design your app for maximum user engagement.

Understand user behavior

To track your mobile campaign is truly successful, you need to figure out optimum time and method for messaging your users. You need to track which type of message gets the most response, what times of day is more effective for sending messages and time zones or platform. You also need to find out which platform mostly use your customer for greatest customer engagements.Understanding your user behavior will help you decide how and when to tailor messaging campaigns to specific users or to users meeting certain patterns. This data helps you glean valuable insight to improve your marketing outreach across channels.


What your users expect from mobile apps?

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mobile apps

The rapid changing of technology is seems to be in mobile apps and mobile phones market. We are all witnessing new development in the world of mobile apps. Every year expert mobile app developers led new trends and innovations in Smartphone apps. They create applications to provide better user experience and end user will able to access all their information, whenever and where ever they are.

Now many companies are trying to focus on latest technology and software to offer a lot of functions and new programs. They are not focusing on individual customers but also focusing on new business as well by using latest mobile technology. However, making the app in such a way that gives a better user experience is such a difficult task for mobile app developers. Making an app user friendly, fast, and extremely useful can attract the users. The demand of Smartphone’s has increased the requirement for mobile app developers as well as programmers. With such immense addition and investment, here is what one can expect to see in their mobile apps.

Multiple features

Mainly the extra added features in your app may cause the user use your app too many times. Most apps intend in making a person’s life easier and not make it more confusing. For example recently Starbucks the leading coffee chain added some features to the app based on customer’s idea such as digital tapping, shake to pay and other features. Digital tipping is a customer’s request by using this feature Starbucks customers will be able to tip in 50 cent, $1 and $2 increments. Another feature is shake to pay that brings the barcode of customers Starbucks Card front and center of a phone with a shake.

Integration of social networking

Integration of social networking with your apps can work as a free advertising and branding, when users post various app activities in their social media sites. Many users are using this for content sharing because it adds a great deal of variation in user experience. This enable user to share information with their online friends with a little effort of mobile app developers. Facebook, twitter, stumble upon are the best example of social media for integration. According to me combining the social media within the app purchasing is a great way to attract more customers.

Simple user interface

Now a day’s simplicity matters in your apps and highly appreciated. The user always prefers apps and interfaces which are easy to handle and browse. At present user should prefer simple user interface with less decoration. If the UI is flat and less decorative, the user does not have to dig to find out about your app.

Simple Guidelines

Including number of features and with other functions your app is not even able to simple. Simple guidelines in your app also make good interaction for your app users. The first interaction between an app and the user can be suggested as guide to gestures and other features.



The magic of mobile app push notifications

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push notifications

In this tech era latest smartphones and apps are the basic need for any business to grow their customer base. Mobile applications are a good way to attract new customers, it increases engagement and more conversions. Making new customers through your app is good but influence them to come back is a quite challenging task . Some apps work’s well to attract users at first time but other times the user might require a little push to come again.

Push notifications are directly sent to customers device from mobile apps to keep the dialog going on between brands and companies. The main purpose of these messages was to inform the app user that app had been updated, new content had been added etc.  According to me these notifications are an effective way to engage customers and get brand loyalty. Many business owners aren’t aware what they can do with push technology by integrating it in mobile apps. Here we are discussing few examples of how you can use push notification to engage and retain customers.

Target your customers:

You can use push notifications for effectively targeting your customers through behavior of your app.

Geo detection

This allows retailers to find out where users spend majority of their time, even they can easily find out details for specific periods of time. Operators in the retail sector can use Geo detection when customers last visited their store , when customers are available in a certain range from their store and then you can send a relevant notification to the customers such as get 25% in your favorite brands, coupons and discounts in other item.

Customer segmentation:

You can use push notifications with your app for customer segmentation, it means your targeted customers can be narrowed down into different user groups. If a certain user group purchase a book with a specific author, you can send push notifications offering a discount for particular author latest title .

User preferences

These notifications give a easy way to the users so that they can easily decide weather they should open the app or not. If the user can click on the notifications then it can be directed to define their preferences. For example user wants to see the football result but not the latest hockey results. These notifications enable user to which notification they want to receive will easily make them more likely to operate. As long as business are sending user relevant message that add value, they will be willing to interrupt.

Push notifications are most powerful technique to derive loyal customers even when they are not engaged with your apps. Brands need to ensure that they are interrupting their mobile customers to inform the offers of the day, not to disturbing them.

How to decide your business need a mobile app?

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In this digital era, mobile presence is one of the simple ways for business to attract customers, contact them and solve their queries.

At present time more than million of smart phones are activated in regular basis including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, windows etc. With these activations many customers use their Smartphone to interact business and their products. In this way Smartphone plays an important role for costumer’s communication and for companies that properly want to set up a customer’s requirement. We can say that now mobile devices are going to change the business world. Now a day’s the question is common for business owners when we deciding whether to go mobile for business or whether to create dedicated apps for their brands or develop a website for.

Here I suggest some way when you should try mobile apps for your business.

  • If your product already integrated with phone features such as accelerometer, global positioning system (GPS), contacts or push notifications etc. In this case your business doen’t needs a mobile app.
  • According to me if your business want to take an advantages of mobile apps then you must need more research about targeted audience and consider your audience when your mobile apps is designed. If any business having a limited amount and want to take an advantage of mobile apps then it should consider only one mobile app development platform such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows etc. For this you need some market research in which platform your users get more interacted. Another option is cross platform mobile app development that can save more money, which offers to write once and run apps on different mobile platforms.
  • If your business is already decide that they don’t require a phone features, can create a responsive website that is a type of website which adjust itself how looks on pc, tablet or Smartphone’s. In the present time if any business having targeted audience is mobile based then according to me creation of website that is not responsive is totally a waste of money.
  • When designing responsive web it is important for mobile platforms to pick your battles. It is difficult to find out the every possible scenario for developers and be prepared your site will work on all devices. Again do your research which device should use your targeted audience to access your site.

After deciding which platform you should try for your business it is difficult to hire mobile app developers which one create responsive web or apps for your business. According to me a trusted mobile app developers can create a good design and successful apps for your business.