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why your mobile app online presence is important?

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online presenceAfter building mobile app, developers needed to submit it into relevant app stores. At present Apple iTunes, Google play and Amazon store are awesome place to submit your app. Probably people are easy able to find your app if you submit it to featured category.

Are you think that your app is missing out number of downloads by being hard to find online? There are number of reason that your app needed to an online presence.

Present your app on your style
If you feel like that App stores doesn’t do justice with your app. You can try app store optimization and use it as a best app store marketing tool for your app. But only presenting your app icon and screen shot is a kind of limited. Suppose if you build a great app with beautiful design and you shouldn’t the place where you show it to the world more inviting and more convincing. By having a website for your mobile app you are able to make better online presence and show your vision with the app. It also open the doors for you that you want to present your app to the world.According to me your app website gives you a single place to send them information about your app so they can learn more about your app.

Increase user engagements
If you have a website of your app people are easy to find it with in the Google search result. Adding a blog to it, you can easily share how things are evolving with your apps and your app purpose. With having a blog in your website you are also able to Write about things in your app’s field that your future audience is interested in. This is also a way to make is more than just a product page, and people loves to find you come again and also loves to share what you have to say. More good and relevant content into your website makes a chances you have to people finding you on the web.

Not depending too much on others
At present recently google stop displaying direct results which comes from app stores in search engine rankings. If you make sure that your app website comes high in search results when people are looking for your app then those kind of thing affect you much less. It also makes the possibilities that your user able to find your app not only with brand but also most important keywords. Which won’t happened just with your app stores.

Cross promoting platform
You can use your website as a tool for promoting other app or vice versa. If one app gets more success in the website and it gets tons of traffic then you can use it to for promoting other app. You can build web traffic to discover other app. If you have several app for same niche then you need to make a website regrouping those the awesome content you’ll be building will benefit all of your apps.
According to me having an online presence of app with website opens the various doors of promotion. You can promote your web in the way that you want.