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Can orange script help Android app development?

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orange scriptAndroid is an operating system based on Linux,primarily designed for touch screen devices like smartphones and touch pad. The additional advantage for developers to use Android platform  that it is having a huge developers community for writing apps. It extends the functionality of Android powered devices that commonly written in the java programming language. According to the recent survey held on developers report says that Android is one of the most popular platform and now more than 70 percent developers are using it for mobile app development .

At that time developers use different scripting languages to give a fruitful applications for the users. In this way orange script is a java script like language that could soon available for Android programmers. According to the discoverer of “orange script” Stone Zhong, this language is supportable for developers with java script,c and c++ programming language. He says that if developers have some knowledge of java script then there is no need to learn more about orange script. Stong Zhong is a senior developer at technology business management vendor Apptio also give an acknowledgement this is not first language that build in JVM(java virtual machine). The advantages of orange script is that “it sorts of like Groovy but Groovy is too big according to inventor you cannot use Groovy for writing Android applications”. Groovy is an object oriented programming language for java platform & used for scripting language which is dynamically compiled to JVM( java virtual machine) with other java codes and libraries.

About a week ago orange script is available in preview format, call for the addition of Android app development support. The programs which are developed using by orange script would run on Dalvik virtual machine based in Android platform. Developers can take a advantage with using orange script JVM based language for better functionality as like various API’s and XML parsing. Developers can use orange script language for dynamic typing, object oriented programming, and functional programming . Orange script feature closure support enable developers easy to write anonymous functions and other programming task. Developers also use this script with  such framework as spring MVC and struts.

The inventor of orange script is also plans that this script is available in an open source format. In the present time many developers take a advantage of java programming , scala language is another JVM language option also has been applied to Android development. Orange script is a personal project of Stong Zhong any one can access this scripting language from Zong’s website


Say bye to Android fragmentation with recent improvements for easy development

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Android fragmentationAndroid is a product of Google which was specially designed for hand held devices now its new version jelly bean empowers 48.6 percent of all Android devices. If we talk about the fragmentation with Android devices, then remains a big problem for developers who having a account for different versions of Android when developing their apps. Android fragmentation is a big issue that makes both strength and weakness of Android eco system.When we make a comparison between both Android and Apple operating system then the issue of different API levels and widely different devices running them is often emphasizes.

The problem of fragmentation occurs because Android devices come with different shapes and sizes.Furthermore there are many different versions of Android available in market that add another level of fragmentation. This means developing work across the whole range of Android devices can be extremely big challenge and time consuming for developers as well as testing for Android apps. Another fragmentation issue bar that Google has decided to release different versions of Android operating systems.

With the mobile app development market analysis developers still choose to build for Apple operating systems first. If developers choose Android app platform for development then they have to build app in wide variety of hardware, OS versions, and new Java run time. But Android developers are knowing about the Android market share is big and getting bigger than the other operating systems.

Recent improvements of Android

Google continuously improving their product in this way Android is also way to improving and this can still possible for small teams who want to build high quality Android apps. It has seen in first time that Android fragmentation is seem to be a less of problem. Since 25 percent of all 500 millions mobile devices runs on Android jelly bean 4.2 and 4.3 you can still simply reach 120 millions devices . You can avoid testing on multiple operating systems using with latest and updated API’s. Also Google technical community is going to mature as fast as its user base grows and Google also released with improved their software development kit (SDK) for their services and also growing their developers ecosystem.

If we talk about the Android core library then its simple guidelines, references and most importantly its IDE and recently packaging give excellent boost to their development community.

Advantages of recent improvements

These core improvements in Android API’s, IDE and library enable developers to higher level abstractions. As like library enables the developers that what your apps need,if developers use these library then there is no need to do system testing. If we talk about the beyond library then its familiar model view controller gives an excellent opportunity to developers to app design. Just as an iOS app the separation between components will help to accuracy, better performance and better code organization.

Rumors Floating Around For Android 4.4 Release Date

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Android is a Linux based operating system which was originally designed by Google specially for touch devices. The world leading technology provider  Google  has made surprise with the every release of Android versions in alphabetical order. In this order Google also make a surprise move of announcing a new version Android Kit Kat rather than key lime pie that has widely suspected. Some day’s ago a group of student from IIT have also written an open letter to the Android boss sunder pichai requesting the internet giant to the name the next os version is “lassi”.

According to me as we thought about the launching version of Google mobile operating systems which will be expect to debut the rumors are staring to flow. About what will Android update, Features,  Releasing date, Its compatibility etc. Here we collect the news from different source which gives you a fact about Android 4.4 Kit kat and i hope that this blog gives a information about every thing which will you need to know about the next version of Android.

Android kit kat 4.4

Why Google choose Android 4.4 name kit kat

When Google announced name that the next version would be kit kat 4.4, unvelievelly a huge Kit kat figure outside in it headquarters in California.The news hits that the name of the  next version would be Android kit kat with the invitations of Apple iPhone launch events. Google also reported that why they didn’t take expected name of Android key lime pie as a title because this desert wasn’t widely recognized  as a sweet treat outside the US.

According to me It’s a deal between Google and nestle, it works on both side because nestle runs a promotional activity on Google play and Google use the icon image of Kit kat bar for its next Android version. But may be Google trying to express its fun or kit kat is a well known brand in the sweet. Quickly followed the information about nestle kit kat Google updated its Android page announcing that kit kat was coming.

Releasing date

The Android 4.4 make a certainly doubt on the Nexus 5 which is rumors to rumored to launched on October. The releasing date of Android kit kat yet not to be open by Google but some rumors give information that October fits the launch pattern for Android kit kat with nexus5. Nestle also post  the releasing date of Android kit kat  in their facebook page .

Features of Android Kit kat 4.4

Google prepare its self  that Android kit kat would be launch with new features, here look for some new features of Android 4.4.

Youtube:You tube app in the new version of Android pushes notification of your favorite video that match your interest directly to your device. It also make add more visible when you open app.

Gmail:Gmail app with Android kit kat widely adopted card style design that makes easier to follow complex mail threads and conversation.

Google voice:Android kit kat mobile operating systems come with fixes a few bugs of Google voice.

However Android 4.4 kit kat has been breaking a number of core apps out of the base level like keyboard, Maps, Gmail, calendar, Google Play, Google+ – so new features roll into these areas more readily, without the need for a larger operating system update as you might find on other platforms.

Design of Android kit kat

There have only a few screen of kit kat leaked that give  a information about new version of Android operating system. The screen shows a little bit information about dialer and message app blue and green screen is same such as before and showing the same smiley bell. These apps give a simpler and flatter looks than the  current Android jelly bean 4.3.

Android app testing services getting easy with testfairy !

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While the Android market growing in daily basis with the every new release smartphone developers have faced a huge challenge. They face a problem of fragmentation with the every new release of Android smartphone. The problem was how they test their Android app across a wide range of devices, some developers overcome this problem with the help of beta app testing but it is difficult to manage test data.

Google has also well aware of that issue and release some of  its own solution, To overcome the Android mobile testing problem test fairy now introduced in smartphone market. This is a new platform that for comprehensive and seamless Android mobile testing is going to challenge all that.


The working of the test fairy is simple with enabling developers to send application programming interface with their monitoring technology. As soon as the app is installed on user smartphone , test fairy platform will keep all the record what is going on in the other side. You can see exactly how it behaved and what went wrong.

With the installing of test fairy you get a feedback from the other side in the form of video that includes how user navigated the apps, as well as detailed view, such as CPU, memory, GPS,network usage and phone signal etc.

The use of test fairy is simple there is no need to code at all, No need to implement the SDK. All developers need to upload the SDK in test fairy, specifying with tester email address whom you want to distribute the app.

Another possible case of test fairy is monitoring that how much battery of your app uses per device. According to many developers they en-counted apps that eat your battery fast.and a bug like can mean the end of app.

If we talk about the cost of test fairy is free as soon as possible they release their premium version of test fairy in later of this year.

By Sandeep Soni

Recommended tools for multiple mobile app development

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crossplatform mobile app

we know that high technology touch devices has been introduced in daily basis, As a result developers facing a problem of fragmentation and  feels huge problem to delivered high quality smartphone apps as emerging number of operating system in mobile market. To overcome this situation cross platform mobile application development comes into existence. The cross platform stands for multiple operating system in which developers write code only once and run the same code on different mobile platforms. This platform are based on different tools which are given below.
PhoneGap development tool is one of the most preferred tool in cross platform mobile application development. This tool is useful for creating application in various verticals of mobile operating system like blackberry, Symbian, Android, wnidows, iPhone, ipad etc. Basically Phone-Gap development tool are based on latest web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JAVA script.
Sencha Touch:
Sencha touch is a user interface tool create useful application for smartphone such as Android, balckerry, iPhone, iPad devices. It is an excellent development tool that allows  developer to create HTML5 based apps along native apps with standards HTML5, CSS3 and JAVA script.
Rho Mobile:
Rho Mobile is an open source cross framework tool developed by Motorola for building native apps that can run on variety of mobile operating system. With the supporting nature in iOS, windows, RIM blackberry, windows Phone it also a developers first choice.
Appcelerator Titanium:
This gives an open extensible development environment for the cross platform mobile devices and operating system including iOS, Android, blackberry, Symbian, windows as well as hybrid and HTML5. It includes an open source SDK with over 5000 devices and various operating system APIs.