Affectiva emotions tracking SDK ready to launch

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affectivaAffectiva is an emotion measurement technology provider company, which was developed a unique way for computer to measure the emotion of humans based on facial cues or physiological responses. The company announcing to launch of its mobile software development kit named affdex (SDK). This is the first emotion sensing technology for mobile devices.

This technology can measure the user expectations by tracking their facial expressions. The company creates this technology for mobile devices and used to boost the effectiveness of ads. According to Affectiva this SDK enable developers to add these capabilities to their apps as well. The company builds this SDK with scientific proven cloud based emotion sensing platform for Smartphone environment without internet. With the use of camera, video, footage or single image developers can access emotions data in real time from its emotions sensing technique.

According to Nick Langeveld the CEO of Affectiva, emotions are what truly make the difference in taking an ordinary, in every time experience turning it into an extraordinary moment that we remember. The creation of Affdex SDK opens up a various possibilities for developers who want to make their apps more emotionally engaging. We are excited to see what this community will create as collaborative working culture to find new use-cases and make emotion-sensing technology more ubiquitous.

Features of Affectiva SDK

Real time capability

Developers can access this technology without internet and easily gathered information from its user. In this technology emotion analysis take place directly on the iOS devices in real time.

Validate science

This SDK provides accurate emotion dedection that take the same advantages of  technology as our cloud based emotions sensing platform.

Rich expressions

The SDK can gather the full range of your users emotions by detecting discrete and dimensional emotional metrics from the face such as smile, surprise, dislike and valence (overall positivity or negativity).

Excellent developers support

Developers can easily access high quality technical documentation with in the SDK bundles.

Ultimate flexibility

This SDK provides various opportunities for engage with your users which are endless by different content such as real time video from the camera, still images and video etc.

Easy to install

This SDK easily install in iOS with no complex configuration required, so developers can get up and running in just a few minutes.



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