Apple is looking to utilize quantum dot technology

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Apple quantum dot technology

Apple the leading mobile technology provider is already well known for its retina display technique. The retina display is a black lid LCD that provides higher level of resolution and level of pixel per inch. Its sensor detective allows automatic screen adjustment in every environment ranging from dark to sunlight. In 2010 Steve jobs gives green signal to this technology when he introduced the iPhone 4 in Smartphone market. After 2010 the technology will integrate to other Apple devices including iPad, iPad Mini and Macbook.

Now the Apple has filed for a new patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office entitled Quantum dot enhanced display for enhancement of color accuracy in displays. This patent shows the Apple’s eagerness in researching next generation screen technology to keep their products more popular among Smartphone users.

Retina display technology still slowly to rolled out into all apple products, the latest news says that the Cupertino based Smartphone provider company is already working on its predecessor. According to the U.S patent and trademark office Apple is now looking utilize the quantum dot technology. This technology can help to even deliver better color accuracy to retina display. It may be another step of Apple to provide better user experience of its devices.

In this technology quantum dots are displayed across a device screen which offers blue, red and green wavelengths as well as better off axis viewing. As noted the patent, quantum dot technology may provide a new way for enhancing the color power. This technology replaces the regular LED phosphor, which often emits too much light and washes up color. Quantum dot technology enables screen to much narrower and more specific spectrum of light.  According to Apple, this technology would be used in its product like iPhone or iPad as a way to enhance the color accuracy.

Apple isn’t only company which is looking to use quantum dot technologies in its product. According to the cnet report major TV manufactures like Sony also looking this technology to integrate in its product.


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