Now Google brings chrome app for mobile world

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chrome appGoogle the leading technology provider company was released its chrome apps for Android and iOS devices on Tuesday. The company is offering an early developer preview of a tool chain   based on apache Cordova, which is an open source mobile app development framework. Apache Cordova is one of the best mobile app development tools which allow developers to create native mobile apps by using HTML5, CSS3 and Java script. Basically these tools offer developers to wrap its chrome apps into native mobile app development shell for distributing it on play stores including Google play and Apple app store.

The company already launched chrome app in September last year that gives excellent offline support and nature like native applications on host operating system. Previously launched Google chrome app would excellent work on windows, Mac etc. Now the Google think is different and try to want led them on Smartphone world.

If we talk about the last month the rumors spread that Google was working to bring chrome packed apps through desktop to Smartphone world. According to one of the spokesman of the company the excellent tool kit would be available on January.

Developers can use this tool set in two ways of native app packaging process. They can easily access integrated development environment or command line to run chrome app on device or emulator. With these chrome app developers tools, programmers also easily run apps on Android powered device without installing integrated development environment (IDE) or software development kit (SDK).

Basically chrome packaged apps are written by using HTML5, CSS3 and JAVA script and working outside the browser and some application programming interfaces are not available for web apps. For mobile app, programmers easily use Cordova, application programming interfaces as well as core chrome API’s which includes:

Identity API

Allows users to using O Auth 2 without promoting for passwords

Push messaging

Allow push messages to your app from your server


Allow developers to send and receive data over network by using TCP and UDP


Allows sending rich notifications from your mobile app


Run task periodically

If any developer in interested to create chrome app for mobile or porting to existing chrome app to mobile then use above API’s.



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