Apple says no to US national security agency(NSA)

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Apple denied NSA

The  national security agency(NSA) is one of the largest U.S intelligent organization that operates under the jurisdiction of the department of defense and reports to director of national intelligence. This intelligent organization is responsible for the protection of U.S government communication and information systems. The main task of this organization is global monetizing , collection, decoding, translation, analysis of information and data for foreign intelligence etc. As a part of US intelligence organization NSA collect and stores all the phone records of American citizen.

The Cupertino, California-based, company  Apple denied working with U.S national security agency. The company statement was that he will never work with NSA to create for any back doors that would allow a kind of monitoring for all apple devices. Apple also says that we have unaware that NSA program is targeting our products including iPhone, we love to care about our customers and privacy. Our team is continuously working to make our  all product more secure and also make it easy for customers software update with their latest advancement. However we hear about NSA is attempt to undermine the Apple industry leading security then our team is investigate and take a right step to make our customers more secure. The company also use many resources to take care about malicious attacks, hackers attacks and inform customers about security attacks.

According to German newspaper  Spiegel NSA use various tools,devices and methods for investigating. Among all of these NSA made a program for investigating  Apple’s devices called DROPOUTJEEP. This is only the program by which U.S national security agency successfully investigate any apple iPhone.The technology also capable of using the iPhone camera and microphone. DROUPOUTJEEP also indicates that NSA required a physical access to the device at time when documents are published. The program also working for the remotely installation but there is no indication of successful.

In the recent report of DROUPOUTJEEP program was made it appear if the iPhone users make it weak. Physical address of device is necessary to run this program successfully if this address is not available then NSA never simply flip the switch to access the information of iPhone users. The jailbreak community, for instance, knows that once a vulnerability has been used to open up the iPhone’s file system for modification, it’s been ‘burned’ and will likely be patched by Apple quickly.

In most recently Apple joined social networking sites like AOL, Facebook,Google, linked in etc with requesting global government surveillance reform with an open letter. The letter was NSA is located in United states and these programs are designed to target foreign threats and these companies have global customer base making protecting user privacy abroad as well as at home just as important.


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