Say bye to Android fragmentation with recent improvements for easy development

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Android fragmentationAndroid is a product of Google which was specially designed for hand held devices now its new version jelly bean empowers 48.6 percent of all Android devices. If we talk about the fragmentation with Android devices, then remains a big problem for developers who having a account for different versions of Android when developing their apps. Android fragmentation is a big issue that makes both strength and weakness of Android eco system.When we make a comparison between both Android and Apple operating system then the issue of different API levels and widely different devices running them is often emphasizes.

The problem of fragmentation occurs because Android devices come with different shapes and sizes.Furthermore there are many different versions of Android available in market that add another level of fragmentation. This means developing work across the whole range of Android devices can be extremely big challenge and time consuming for developers as well as testing for Android apps. Another fragmentation issue bar that Google has decided to release different versions of Android operating systems.

With the mobile app development market analysis developers still choose to build for Apple operating systems first. If developers choose Android app platform for development then they have to build app in wide variety of hardware, OS versions, and new Java run time. But Android developers are knowing about the Android market share is big and getting bigger than the other operating systems.

Recent improvements of Android

Google continuously improving their product in this way Android is also way to improving and this can still possible for small teams who want to build high quality Android apps. It has seen in first time that Android fragmentation is seem to be a less of problem. Since 25 percent of all 500 millions mobile devices runs on Android jelly bean 4.2 and 4.3 you can still simply reach 120 millions devices . You can avoid testing on multiple operating systems using with latest and updated API’s. Also Google technical community is going to mature as fast as its user base grows and Google also released with improved their software development kit (SDK) for their services and also growing their developers ecosystem.

If we talk about the Android core library then its simple guidelines, references and most importantly its IDE and recently packaging give excellent boost to their development community.

Advantages of recent improvements

These core improvements in Android API’s, IDE and library enable developers to higher level abstractions. As like library enables the developers that what your apps need,if developers use these library then there is no need to do system testing. If we talk about the beyond library then its familiar model view controller gives an excellent opportunity to developers to app design. Just as an iOS app the separation between components will help to accuracy, better performance and better code organization.


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