Rumors Floating Around For Android 4.4 Release Date

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Android is a Linux based operating system which was originally designed by Google specially for touch devices. The world leading technology provider  Google  has made surprise with the every release of Android versions in alphabetical order. In this order Google also make a surprise move of announcing a new version Android Kit Kat rather than key lime pie that has widely suspected. Some day’s ago a group of student from IIT have also written an open letter to the Android boss sunder pichai requesting the internet giant to the name the next os version is “lassi”.

According to me as we thought about the launching version of Google mobile operating systems which will be expect to debut the rumors are staring to flow. About what will Android update, Features,  Releasing date, Its compatibility etc. Here we collect the news from different source which gives you a fact about Android 4.4 Kit kat and i hope that this blog gives a information about every thing which will you need to know about the next version of Android.

Android kit kat 4.4

Why Google choose Android 4.4 name kit kat

When Google announced name that the next version would be kit kat 4.4, unvelievelly a huge Kit kat figure outside in it headquarters in California.The news hits that the name of the  next version would be Android kit kat with the invitations of Apple iPhone launch events. Google also reported that why they didn’t take expected name of Android key lime pie as a title because this desert wasn’t widely recognized  as a sweet treat outside the US.

According to me It’s a deal between Google and nestle, it works on both side because nestle runs a promotional activity on Google play and Google use the icon image of Kit kat bar for its next Android version. But may be Google trying to express its fun or kit kat is a well known brand in the sweet. Quickly followed the information about nestle kit kat Google updated its Android page announcing that kit kat was coming.

Releasing date

The Android 4.4 make a certainly doubt on the Nexus 5 which is rumors to rumored to launched on October. The releasing date of Android kit kat yet not to be open by Google but some rumors give information that October fits the launch pattern for Android kit kat with nexus5. Nestle also post  the releasing date of Android kit kat  in their facebook page .

Features of Android Kit kat 4.4

Google prepare its self  that Android kit kat would be launch with new features, here look for some new features of Android 4.4.

Youtube:You tube app in the new version of Android pushes notification of your favorite video that match your interest directly to your device. It also make add more visible when you open app.

Gmail:Gmail app with Android kit kat widely adopted card style design that makes easier to follow complex mail threads and conversation.

Google voice:Android kit kat mobile operating systems come with fixes a few bugs of Google voice.

However Android 4.4 kit kat has been breaking a number of core apps out of the base level like keyboard, Maps, Gmail, calendar, Google Play, Google+ – so new features roll into these areas more readily, without the need for a larger operating system update as you might find on other platforms.

Design of Android kit kat

There have only a few screen of kit kat leaked that give  a information about new version of Android operating system. The screen shows a little bit information about dialer and message app blue and green screen is same such as before and showing the same smiley bell. These apps give a simpler and flatter looks than the  current Android jelly bean 4.3.


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